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Ecotruck at "Ready, Set, Recycle"
20 Oct 2015

VISIT 1: Ready, Set, Recycle

The ECOTRUCK was present in the event entitled "Ready, Set, Recycle", which took place in Broj-Hammoud/Beirut. it is an initiation of a recycling project in the area. it falls in the sustainability domain.

it is under the patronage of the Borj-Hammoud Municipality. It was organized by the Goguikian Foundation, along with other corporal partners.

The ECOTRUCK was there, and used its tool to show how renewable energy systems can be used, various visitors passed by, like public figures, universities' faculty, Students, who showed interest in the truck, and expressed their admiration to the project. The Ecotruck is an educational project and will be visiting schools, universities, and other educational institutions to spread awareness about renewable energy applications and sustainability.