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  • Walid El Baba
    Solar Supplier
    LSES Former President
    Walid El Baba is a Mechanical Engineer with a specialized degree in heat transfer and refrigeration from IFFI Paris-France. He is the MD of Webco s.a.r.l in Beirut Lebanon and partner in engineering firms in the M.E area. He was a senior lecturer in the Lebanese University-Faculty of Engineering Branch III in Beirut from 1990-1994.

    He is the co-founder in 2001 of the Lebanese Solar Energy Society and was elected twice as president (2002-2003 and 2004-2005).He is very active in the renewable energy technologies and was behind the elaboration of the Lebanese norms for the solar thermal collectors as well as many awareness campaigns for the promotion of the solar thermal energy use in the construction field within the order of Engineers and Architects Beirut-Lebanon and Industrial Research Institute IRI.

    He received the Order of Engineers and Architects Beirut-Lebanon Medal in 2007 for his works in developing solar applications. He is member of Energy committee since 2008 and represents the Order of Engineers and Architects-Beirut in international solar events.

    He is an active member of various scientific organizations and societies and serves as editor in chief for the LSES periodical news letter. He is recently the co-founder of the Lebanon Green Building council LGBC and member of the executive board. His Lebanese company WEBCO is one of the pioneers for the use of the Renewable Energy in Lebanon.