Who we are

LSES was established in 22nd of April 1980 in Beirut on the initiative of highly educated engineers and was comprised of solar energy company owners, chairmen of university engineering departments and electrical, mechanical, chemical engineers.

The war in Lebanon from 1975 to 1990 and its economic consequences were a major hindrance to the development of solar energy in Lebanon as well as most of the technical and educational activities, although the development of the Society continued moderately.

LSES currently has around 60 members with a main target to promote the use of solar & renewable energy with consideration for the protection of the environment, energy saving, and the quality of life.. .. ..

Our Vision & Life Mission


LSES has a vision towards a lebanon runs by Renewable Energy

Objectives of the society

-To get together associations of professionals, as individuals interested in the development of solar and renewable energy in all its various aspects in order to achieve the objectives of the LSES.

-To develop education programs and training sessions regarding the various applications of renewable energies in general and more particularly solar energy.

-To set up gradually a “Quality Label” with the view to guarantee the quality of services linked to the design, manufacturing, installation, and exploitation of solar energy in various fields.

-To encourage development and protection of the manufacturing of solar systems in order to achieve a good quality of the equipment for the benefit of the users.

-To inform and lead the public opinion on any matters regarding solar and renewable energy for the benefit of the national economy and environment in Lebanon.

-To take part in scientific activities and to participate in exhibitions and seminars in accordance with the objectives of the association.

-To back any initiatives in order to present to the public authorities (executive and legislative) as well as syndicates and financial institutions some proposals to elaborate laws and to improve the existing ones with the aim of enlarging the demand and developing the solar energy market as well as any other renewable energies.

LSES was established in 1980 on the initiation of highly educated engineers. LSES members included solar energy companies’ owners, chairmen of university engineering departments, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers as a non-profit organization, but the war in Lebanon, from 1975 to 1990, and its economic consequences, were a major handicap to the development of LSES in Lebanon. Not until the start of 2002, LSES was able to resume its activities with new members, new elected administrative board and new challenges. LSES has been very active since.


From 1975 until today and beyond, the Lebanese energy scene was characterized by:


First: The growth of power demand against available power supply, has led to:

·            A growing power shortage on the national grid.

·            The imposition of daily programmed blackouts and,

·            The chaotic spreading of illegal standalone power generators filling the power gap and polluting the atmosphere.


Second: Lebanon, imports most of its energy needs in the form of fossil products and consumes them with a high degree of waste (high energy intensity), a waste that ought to be controlled and reduced.


Third: Lebanon possesses renewable energy resources which, if developed and promoted, can partially compensate for the shortage of available energies.