LSES Objectives

The main LSES objectives are:

To get together associations of professionals, as well as individuals interested in the development of solar energy in all its various aspects.

To develop education programs and training sessions regarding the various applications of renewable energies in general and more particularly direct solar energy.

To set up gradually “Quality Label” with a view to guarantee the quality of services linked to the design, manufacturing, installation and exploitation of solar energy fields.

To encourage development and protection of the manufacturing of solar systems, in order to achieve a good quality of the equipment for the benefit of the users.

To inform and lead the public opinion on any matters regarding solar energy for the benefit of the national economy and environment in Lebanon.

To take  part  in  scientific  activities  and  to  participate  in  relevant  exhibitions  and seminars.

To back any initiatives to elaborate laws and to improve the existing ones, with the aim of developing the solar energy market, as well as other renewable energies.

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