Membership, Public Relations, and Awareness Committee

Chairman: Youssef Ghantous

Secretary General: Ziad Daou

This committee manages membership inquiries and plans topics related to members. It calls for memberships in accordance with the directives of the executive board.

Along with managing public relations with industry partners and stakeholders, the committee is in charge of awareness-raising initiatives such as articles and publications.

Research, activities, and Exhibitions Committee

Chairman: Bechara Nehme

Secretary General: Ahmad Houry

 This committee manages research projects and ensures that studies and reports in the field of Renewable Energy,and released on a regular basis.

Along with planning national events and workshops, this commitee arranges conferences, exhibitions, and collaborates

 with regional partners.

Financial Committee

Chairman: Walid El Baba

Secretary General: Ziad Doumit

This committee seeks to ensure and generate financial income for the LSES, through reaching out possible partners and activities

Budgets and financial statements are also its responsibility.

General Assembly 2023- New Board Elections

On Wednesday, January 30, LSES had its General Assembly, during which a new board was elected:
Jean Paul Sfeir: president,
Ramzi Abi Said: vice president,
Youssef Ghantous: Secretary General,
Walid El Baba: Treasurer,
Ziad Daou: Accountant
PR: Ahmad houri,
Members: ziad Doumit, Wissam Daou, Mohammad Dayeh, Simon Gerges and Bechara Nehmeh.
Best of luck on your future endeavors and congratulations on the new LSES board.

ECOTRUCK Committee

Chairman: Jean Paul Sfeir,

Secreteray General: Walid El Baba

Member: Wissam Daou

This group is in charge of anything ECOTRUCK-related, including monitoring the progress of projects and seeking out new partnerships and potential projects.