Project lebanon 2024
Project Lebanon was pleased to have the Lebanese Solar Energy Society's support:
LSES participated in conferences and welcomed guests at its stand during the   exhibition, which was held at Seaside Arena Beirut - New Waterfront from April 24 to 26, 2024.
SPSPP Ceremony

The project, with a very simple idea and approach without sophisticated  technical innovation aspect, consists in providing the supply and proper operation of 26 portable solar power packs of capacity 1000 Watts with Battery  for  partial  sustainable energy alternative solution using clean energy source (PV solar) to meet urgent local needs of low income families houses, half of the units to be delivered to apartments affected by the explosion of Beirut port, the other half to apartments in Beirut suburbs mainly in marginalized areas .

The project aims to reduce social and energy poverty by reducing electric bills of beneficiaries and familiarize those families to use sustainable energy source and be aware of solar applications and climate change effects. It aims to limit the effects of the energy starvation on the most vulnerable families which would affect the education of their children, the domestic day to day use of the families including lighting, internet, and refrigerators.

The Solar Power pack will remain the possession of LSES under a “Free Leasing “contract, allowing to control its traceability, proper operation as well as the good use and durable maintenance.

The beneficiaries have been selected according to a specific questionnaire 

In addition to the above, the project contributed in engaging the community through following actions:

  • A training session for 8 technicians to be familiarized with the solar PV systems in general, components and types of installations
  • A workshop for disseminating the information among selected organizations of civil society.

The duration of the project was of 11 months.

During 4 to 5 months of operation regular technical visits were planned for data collections in order to establish an evaluation document for the future.


This project has also served as a demonstration tool for encouraging the replication of this type of portable packs, with various capacities, at a larger scale within residential buildings all over Lebanon

By implementing such demonstration project in those selected apartments, the use of sustainable solar energy through the energy pack will be:

  • Generate more interest and awareness in using clean energy systems at private and individual level
  • Make citizens aware of reducing percentage of greenhouses gases emissions
  • Create a balance between a clean environment and the well-being and human needs.

After receiving the green light for the grant in 2022 the contract was signed mid-January 2023 between LSES and Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP) Lebanon implemented by UNDP.

Works were launched under the supervision of Mr. Adnan Melki as national coordinator from UNOPS for all day-to-day matters, and LSES Engineer Ziad Doumit as project manager.

BEW 2023

rut Energy Week 2023 activities, LSES has organized a technical session, on September 20th at 3pmn under the title:
at le Royal Hotel - Dbayeh, titled:  Building a Robust Water-Energy-Food Ecosystem.



1- LSES Presentation: Action Plan
President Walid El Baba
LSES President


2- Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture for maximized productivity in arid & semi-arid regions
Dr. Yasmine Abdel Makssoud
Senior Technical Manager Cares, AUC


3- Energy and Sustainable Technologies for Modern Agriculture, Understanding the water, Energy, Food, Ecosystem Nexus
Mr. Joe Hawi
Electrical Eng, LEED, AP, CEM, CMVP, PCF, PEM, NABCEP Certified


4- Overhead Agrivoltaics System Case Study in South Lebanon

Dr. Adnan Zein

Solar Energy Specialist


5- PV multiple applications in rural area in a private residence: Success Story
Mr. Hussam Shawa
Technical Manager at Metasol



Annual Iftar 2023

The Lebanese Solar Energy Society LSES organized its yearly Iftar Dinner at Movenpick Hotel Beirut on 11th of April 2023.



LSES at iBEF 2019

The LSES organized a technical session at the iBEF2019

The session covered optimal solar PV pumping designs and best practices, along with large scale PV projects development, and was presented by Mr. Youssef Ghantous, Mr. Rabih el Osta and Mr. Adnan Zein 

Project Lebanon 2019

 LSES session in Project Lebanon 2019 about solar water pumping and collective solar heaters presented by Mr. Youssef Ghantous and Mr. Adnan Zein

Project Lebanon 2019

 LSES session in Project Lebanon 2019 about solar water pumping and collective solar heaters presented by Mr. Youssef Ghantous and Mr. Adnan Zein

IFTAR 2019


Christmas 2018

LSES annual Christmas dinner. A gathering of clean and sustainable energies