Training SPSPP
The first phase of the Small Portable Solar Power Pack Project, that was mainly funded by UNOPS and provided low-income families affected by the Beirut Port Blast with 26 solar power packs, has come to an end.
For the second stage of the project, the LSES is partnering with IRI to deliver a 2-day PV training course that will familiarize 8 persons interested in working in the renewable energy sector with the solar PV system.
The first day included sessions led by LSES President Walid El Baba, Wissam Daou, Omar Daouk, Tarek Hakim, Mohammad Hajjar, and Bilal Hussein about the LSES mission in RE and the Solar System, the solar field in general, metallic structure & regulations for a safe PV installation, welding of structure...
On the second day, there were visits, lab work inspections, and certificate distributions.
Workshop at OEA

LSES participation in a workshop in the aborder of Engineers in Beirut about Financing Sustainable projects

Integrated Solar Tech. sessions

LSES organized a technical session of four presentations in the Order of Engineers under the subject “ Building integrated solar technologies “ The speakers were experts from LSES who showed case studies for projects implemented in Lebanon where the solar systems were integrates into the architecture of the building. During the session LSES president Mr Youssef Ghantous presented an appreciation medal to Mr Pierre El Khoury general director of LCEC for his valuable contributions to the Renewable energy sector in Lebanon.

Solar Water Heating

Mr Walid El Baba presentation about Solar Water heating systems in Saida. Organized by Lebanese University UIT