EcoTruck in Don Bosco School

LSES Eco truck visit to Don Bosco School IN Kahalé ans à presentation about renewable energy for the students in collaboration with Vides Renewable energy program

LSES Christmas Dinner 2018

LSES annual Christmas dinner. A gathering of clean and sustainable energies


Dr. Elie Bader ,NDU vice president for academic affairs , and Eng Yousssef Ghantous, president of LSES ,signing an MOU for cooperation today at NDU Lourieze. #NDU#LSES#MOU

LSES at iBEF 2018

The Lebanese Solar Energy Society LSES organized ,in the first day of the Beirut Energy Forum , a technical session for the thirds year in a row presenting the newest trends in Solar technologies. Rich presentations and great audience #solarenergy #IBEF

Technical Session on Integrated Solar Technologies

LSES organized a technical session of four presentations in the Order of Engineers under the subject “ Building integrated solar technologies “ The speakers were experts from LSES who showed case studies for projects implemented in Lebanon where the solar systems were integrates into the architecture of the building. During the session LSES president Mr Youssef Ghantous presented an appreciation medal to Mr Pierre El Khoury general director of LCEC for his valuable contributions to the Renewable energy sector in Lebanon.

EcoTruck in Jesus & Mary School
ECO truck Visits Jesus & Mary School as part of its tour in Municipality of Cornet Chahwan, Ain Aar, Beit El Kikko & Hbous
Thank you Cornet Chahwan municipality for your support and belief in the ECO truck and in raising the awarness of Renewable Energy.
EcoTruck in College Patriarcal Rabweh Cornet Chahwan
Another dull day visit to College Patriarcal Rabweh Cornet Chahwan (Grades 6, 7, 8, S1 & S2) with LSES (The Lebanese Solar Energy Society) Eco Truck sponsored by our Municipality.
Awareness among the youth of renewable energy.
Solar Water Heating at UIT university

Mr Walid El Baba presentation about Solar Water heating systems in Saida. Organized by Lebanese University UIT

Lses At the SSEA AUB chapter LUV 2 closing ceremony. Our students are our future.