EcoTruck Projects

The EcoTruck


Nowadays, our world is witnessing drastic climatic change. Indeed, global
warming is caused by Green House Gas Emissions that originate mostly from the
combustion of fossil resources such as oil and coal. Therefore, men have recently started
using new kinds of “renewable” energies such as solar energy, wind power,
hydropower, geothermal power (energy supplied by earth heat) and biomass (energy
emitted by the degradation of natural elements).


In response to this problem, the Lebanese Solar Energy Society (LSES), in
partnership with the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), has implemented an educational
project involving students in private and public schools across the Lebanese territory. In
fact a demonstration vehicle “EcoTruck” has been inaugurated in December 2012 at IRI
in the purpose of making educational school visits to disseminate the culture of
sustainability among the young generation. This truck is equipped with a clean
combustion engine and an off-grid cabin, combining elements that function with
renewable energies such as photovoltaic panels and wind turbines that generate
electricity from solar and wind energies. The truck equipment also include a solar
heating system connected to a faucet accessible to students. It will furthermore provide
educational material such as computers and LCD presentation screen, as well as
technical pamphlets adapted to every age level.


The purpose of this vehicle is therefore to make the students more sensitive to
this major issue, showing them what the alternative solutions are, and encouraging the
adoption of such solutions in students’ future or present houses. A three level
presentation program has been prepared corresponding to students from grade 6 to
grade 12.