REESTART Project with ICU


The LSES was awarded with its partners an EU grant to implement the REESTART project.  

The Project “Renewable Energy and Efficiency for Sustainable Energy Transition and reinforced trust between SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) and ESCOs (Energy Services company) is a EU project to “Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in support of Lebanon’s clean energy transition”. It is under good progress and consists in 4 main pillars:

 -Capacity Building Program to reach the Lebanese Energy Service Companies in order to train on the technical, financial and legal framework to develop own Energy Business.

-Call for proposal to select 35 SMEs in order to give them a partially subsidize for Energy Audit, and to select10 ESCOs in order to give them access to sustainable energy finance to implement the energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions

-Selection, implementation and monitoring of 6 Pilot Projects at SMEs plant.

-Creation of Lebanese federation of ESCOs the project on Facebook 



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